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You can now offer your prospective and existing residents the newest resident amenity that is being used in apartments such as those owned by Diversified Realty Ventures. (www.drv-llc.com) Their residents really like this newest amenity as noted in the following actual  quote:

“Yeah they change based off of water temp. Cold = Blue, Warm = Green, Hot = Red. I love it! It sets up for a very relaxing shower and my girlfriend loves it as well. I will go ahead and say it is worth the extra $10/month in my opinion! Haha. You can use my testimonial as a selling point for the future. Did you say that the owner was trying to patent those? Do you know if he plans on selling them on a global scale or what? I had some other people who saw it and were interested in it as well lol.”

The upcharge these tenants are willing to spend per month to have the RFSS represents a 40% Return on Investment for the apartment owner which is pretty remarkable!

Our dual headed Rain Forest Shower System is easy to install (about 30 minutes or less as seen in our instructional video be clicking here) and cost the owner far less as an upgrade than plumbing for and constructing in the wall shower systems. We provide all the parts needed for installation and operation along with a one year warranty on all parts.

For special quantity order pricing please call us at 804-432-8930 and get on board with the new industry standard in Shower Systems.


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