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The patent pending dual headed Rain Forest Shower system allows one or two people to experience a rain forest shower, while getting total body water coverage with one person using both shower heads, or two people using one shower head each. The product has a unique shower diverter valve that allows the shower heads to operate together or independent of each other. The product was designed, engineered and fabricated in the USA utilizing high gauge copper piping that is then coated in a non-corrosive attractive finish of Chrome or Satin Nickel. The system has been tested, and in use for over two years prior to taking it to the public. The shower heads are available in the standard non LED, or in LED heads that have a lighting system that changes from a cool blue green shade when the water is cool, to red when the water is warm and flashes when the water become too hot.

We imagine that you as an owner or manager, have installed the curved shower bar as an amenity for your residences. Now you have the opportunity to provide your residents with the newest creature comfort amenity, our patent pending dual-headed Rainforest Shower System.

Our system is quickly becoming the industry standard in the multifamily housing arena, and is something that you need to keep an edge on the competition. It is easy, and inexpensive to install, and your residents of all professions and ages will love their exhilarating Rainforest Shower.

Our system is eco-friendly providing the same water pressure and usage as the older system you now have while creating a luxurious spa-like experience. It can be installed in as little as 30 minutes in most circumstances, and the sleek design is available in chrome or satin nickel. It will transform your bathroom into a class of its own. The system fits most standard size shower stalls, and can be custom ordered to fit sizes down to 50 inches. Our unique design comes in sizes designed to accommodate persons of most heights

The dual-headed Rainforest Shower System is quickly creating a new industry standard that will impress your guests and keep them coming back! Our unique design was created to give your guests a spa-like experience, or set your guests a spa-like experience, or set the mood for romance. Either way, they will appreciate you providing them with this new, innovative and exciting amenity.

From business travelers to vacationers, this luxury shower system will set you apart from the other hoteliers. As you know, it wasn’t long ago that the curved shower became industry standard. Be one of the first to install the Rainforest Shower System, and watch your competitors follow suit. YOU set the standard, and be the leaders that your business model was built on.

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Included in the Rainforest Shower System:

  • 2- 8" Round dual rainforest shower heads. Optional with LED temperature indicators.
  • 1- 3 Way diverter valve so you can have the water running in the front, back or through both shower heads. This provides the ultimate in water flow flexibility for every application.
  • 1 - Mounting or Hanging system. Rainforest Shower can be attached to the opposing wall from the water output or can be securely hung from the ceiling.
  • 1 - Height extension pipe for those who require a taller shower.
  • 1 - Shower pipes
  • 1 - Hardware kit
  • 1 - Wall Plate to give the system a clean look when installed.
  • 1 - Instruction
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