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What is the durability of the system?
The Rain Forest Shower System has been tested and in use daily for two years without any malfunctions, leaks or other issues. It has worked exactly as it was designed to operate.

How will the water pressure be affected?
The water pressure will be as it is in your current system. If your pressure is low then the water pressure will be low if your pressure is good then so will the pressure using our dual headed system.

Will the use of the RFSS consume more water than normal?
In two years of testing the Rain Forest Shower System the consumption of water has been found to be the same as using a single head .Given that the water flows from the original single spigot opening this actually dictates the outflow of the water consumed.

Can I use different shower heads other than the ones that come with the Rain Forest Shower System?
Yes, the threads to our system where the shower heads attach are universal, so you can readily attach most any shower head you may desire to use. However the system is specifically designed for the effects produced by the shower heads designated as “Rain Forest Shower Heads”.

How easy is the installation of the Rain Forest Shower System?
The installation process is quite simple if you are handy and follow our enclosed written instructions or the installation video. However we do recommend getting a plumber to install the system to insure that it is installed properly. Either way we have found the installation process takes about 30 minutes.


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